I published not so long ago a post about scripting in AutoCAD to boost your productivity. Scripting is great! You don’t need to set up anything, AutoCAD is enough to start doing magic. And is pretty easy to update and test your code. Actually, the experience of discover and learn AutoLISP and VLISP during this year it has been amazing. However, the more scripts I was building, the more limitations I was finding, such as create custom objects.

So, a step towards a more powerful tool was unavoidable. .NET had to happen, in my case with C# (or CSharp). Why not VisualBasic? Why not ObjectARX (C++ based)? Well, despite I have played a bit with VisualBasic before to create some Macros, and I had some relation with C++, as I spent couple of years building Expert Advisors for MetraTrader with MQL4 and MQL5, I think C# is the best option to start. “Alright David, but you haven’t told us why…¬¬” Okey…okey! I basically looked for professional advice, a friend within the industry. The answer was straight and without any doubt C#.

So, here we are. After 2 weeks reading about C#, classes – I still don’t understand how could I write any code till today without knowing what was a class…-, namespaces, inheritance and a whole bunch of new and very interesting concepts, I took Visual Studio 2015 and created my first command AutoCAD 2017 (eh, debug included!).

I can’t wait to learn more and create my super cool drafting stuff!


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