If you are reading this post you are probably an AutoCAD user who -like me and many others- wants to improve its drafting performance.

There are basically 2 wayls to speed up your AutoCAD workflow:

  1. Delegate. It might be worth to delegate drafting tasks to a specialised professional.
    Pros: forget about the process problems, just detail the desired output and it will be done for you.
    Cons: you need to pay.
  2. Automate. AutoCAD offers many ways to automate tasks: macros, custom commands, plug-ins…
    Pros: once built they are forever.
    Cons: you need to know how to code.

I know what are you thinking hold on, hold on… what are you suggesting? ¬¬ I don’t have time to learn to program and in my situation is not worth it to hire nobody to draw for me.

Here my proposal: delegate the automation. It will probably require a bigger starting cost, but you will recover the initial investment as you produce faster. Remember: an automation is forever.


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