Degree, Masters, Degree again and almost PhD. 6 years of university make anybody want a break from academic world. I moved to England looking for a break. While working in hospitality (great fun!), I found time for loads of my to-do list stuff: study photography, code my first website, travel, learn about project management and long list.

After few months, an opportunity to come back to engineering found me and it felt great to work again with concepts you are familiar with (cosy comfort area…). I also reencountered my old friend AutoCAD, which together with my recently acquired passion for programming leaded to my one of my strongest skills now: AutoCAD customization.

Currently I am working toward the ICE chartership and learning C# on my free time. Passionate about BIM, SmartCities, BigData and new related new technologies, I continue growing in civil engineering while flirting with computer science.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!