AutoLISP: scripting in AutoCAD

As civil engineer, I work with CAD everyday. During last year, I have been focused on AutoCAD, specially on its scripting language AutoLISP. As I don’t have any academic background on programming, it has been a great adventure to explore this world bit by bit, learning on the way and solving real day by day problems.

I certainly have boosted my productivity since I have started writing AutoCAD scripts, not just speed wise, but being consistent in my work too. AutoCAD looks quite different when you start to understand how is designed inside. Highly recommended for any person who works close to any CAD (bear in mind many other CAD softwares allow scripting, not just AutoCAD).

As a result, I have built a small library of scripts developed day by day to improve my productivity at work. I believe many of this code is applicable to other disciplines thought. That’s why, today I have released my library. Now on, it will be available on GitHub, under the following repository:

I would like to thank Javier Domingo, who introduced me to Git & GitHub and pushed me to push my code.



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Performance, thoughts, feelings, emotions and your body

Yesterday I found this video between my “Watch later” list and gave it a go:

Originally titled as Being Brilliant Every Single Day (part 1 | part 2), this talk took place at TEDxPortsmouth event (March 2012). The speaker -Dr. Alan Watkins- is the founder and CEO of Complete Coherence, recognised as an international expert on leadership and human performance, among others.

The talk was so interesting I kept on looking for more recent information about it and found Why you feel what you feel, at TEDxOxford event (January, 2015):

Interesting field to keep on growing isn’t it?